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Closing the STEM
gender gap​


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Using advanced gender bias technology, we were able to assess over 500 job listings, to see if STEM adverts use gendered language to attract or deter female candidates.  
Download our report The Great Gender Rebalance: Increasing Gender Diversity in STEM to learn the results and how you can drive real change in your organisation. 


Discover the challenges faced by women in STEM


Women are faced with several barriers in the work environment, but are any of these factors influencing them to exit their STEM careers early? 

Learn the benefits of a gender-diverse workforce​


Several studies reveal multiple benefits to having a more diverse workforce, ranging from an organisation’s influence in society to financial benefits. 

How can you improve gender diversity in the workplace?​


While some factors that contribute to the gender imbalance within STEM are beyond the control of employers there are several steps that can be taken to minimise the gap.

What progress is being made to shrink the gender gap?​


Looking to bridge this gap in the technology sector, CEO Ashwini Asokan has mandated a 50/50 gender balance policy for her AI start-up Mad Street Den



We look forward to you reading our insight into gender diversity and if you want to find out how you can improve female representation in your organisation contact us today.

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